Gerald Duckett, Pastor and Bible Teacher for over 35 years.
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Biblical Intensives


Free sets of notes on a variety of Bible books, free audio files of Bible institute and Bible college level courses, free PowerPoint presentations, free charts and graphs.
Pastor Duckett's Bible Research
Bible study of Pastor Duckett and other Godly men materials are posted in the Downloads section for you to download and personally use for study, preaching, teaching, and copying.(see copyrights) Each file is formatted and ready to print from your web browser.(see file formats)

Web Accessible Documents
We are processing Pastor Duckett's paper documents into web accessible documents. The Library List indicates paper documents yet to be converted to web format.

Documents To Be Posted
You may request items from the Library List to be converted as soon as possible by clicking on your choice. We will move your requested items to the top of the list to be processed into web accessible documents.

Document Scanning & Editing
Contact us if you would like to help with this effort.
file formats
Ready To Print
Downloads in HTML(regular web page format) and PDF(Adobe Acrobat portable document format) are ready to print from your web browser or Acrobat Reader**.

(**Acrobat Reader is not necessary to view all the files at

Acrobat Reader
To obtain a free downloadable copy of Acrobat Reader visit the Adobe web site.
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language translations
Contact us for German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese translations.

Google Language Translation Tools
We use Google Language Tools to translate whole web documents (available on the Google web site).
  • Translated documents are posted on the web site as requested.

  • Translated Bible study materials can be e-mailed directly to you.

  • You may request a CD-ROM of the translated Bible study materials be mailed to you.(see copyrights)

  • If you already know how to use the Google Language Tools, just copy and paste our page URL for the selected document into the Google translator.

    Translation, Editing And Proof Reading
    If you speak another language and would like to participate in the translation project, please contact us.
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    Permission To Duplicate Quantities
    Please use the archived material only for personal study, preaching, teaching and copying. Contact us for permission to duplicate quantities.

    Request a CD-ROM.
    You may request a CD-ROM containing your choice of Pastor Duckett's selected Bible study materials. Please send a self-addressed envelope sized and padded for CD-ROM media including postage.
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