Revelation - 13:1-10 Daniel 7:8-27

Introduction:   The rapture of the church will bring about the immediate introduction

                    and revelation of the Antichrist.


     A.  He is not to be confused with “the spirit of anitchrist” - I John 2:23; 4:3

     B.  He is a definite personality - he is called:

           1.  The man of sin - II Thessalonians 2:3

          2.  The son of perdition - II Thessalonians 2:3

          3.  The king of fierce countenance - Daniel 8:23

          4.  The little horn - Daniel 7:8

          5.  The branch of the terrible ones - Isaiah 25:5

           6.  The profane wicked prince of Israel - Ezekiel 21:25-27

           7.  The prince that shall come - Daniel 9:26

           8.  The vile person - Daniel 11:21

           9.  The abomination of desolation - Matthew 24:15

         10.   The antichrist - I John 2:22

     C.  He has a definite purpose

          1.  To crush the nation of Israel - Daniel 7:21, 25; 12:7; cf. Psalm 83:1-8

          2.  To create a gentile one-world government - Revelation 13:7, 8; 17:13

          3.  To create a godless world - II Thessalonians 2:4; cf. Psalm 2:1-3

     D.  He will be revealed at a specific time

          1.  In the latter times of Israel’s present history - Daniel 8:23

          2.  Not until after the rapture - II Thessalonians 2:2, 3

          3.  Not until the beginning of the Day of the Lord - II Thessalonians 2:2

     E.  Will he be a resurrected individual? Cf. Revelation 13:3; 17:8;

          John 6:70, 71;17:12

          1.  Some expositors believe that the antichrist will gain a tremendous following

               because he will have experienced death and resurrection.

               a.  Some believe him to be the reincarnation of Nero.

               b.  Some believe he will be a resurrected Judas Iscariot.

               c.   Some believe that he will be a resurrected individual without trying to

                    identify him.

          2.  Some quotes

               a.  “Judas, then, will be the antichrist…after the true Church is gone,

                    Satan will, as a part of his wicked deception, raise Judas from the

                    dead and set him as the true Christ.” (DeHaan)

               b.  “The implication strongly is, that this beast is a man who was once

                    living, who was fatally wounded, whose place is in the abyss of lost

                    souls, who somehow comes forth from thence in convincing

                    evidences of his real identity, and who, having been slain, returns to

                    take the lead in the activities and administrations upon earth, to the

                    great wonder and astonishment of the whole world.” (Seiss)

               c.   “One who has been slain with the death-stroke of a sword is ‘healed’; a

                    killed body stands up! One who has be in the ‘abyss’ re-possesses

                    his slain body.” (Newell)

          3.  What saith the Scriptures?

               a.  Men are brought out of the grave by the voice of the Son of God.

                    John 5:28, 29

               b.  Satan does not have the power to give life (or take it).

               c.   The wicked are not resurrected until the Great White Throne judgment.

                    Revelation 20:11-15

               d.  Since he is depicted as a man and not a supernatural being it does not

                    appear possible that he is a resurrected person.


     A.  He is energized by Satan. - Revelation 13:2, 4

     B.  He is a blasphemer in his assumption of deity. Revelation 13:5, 6;

           II Thessalonians 2:4

     C.  He attempted to prove his claim of deity through the working of satanic signs

          and wonders. II Thessalonians 2:8, 9; cf. II Corinthians 11:14,15

     D.  He will have world-wide influence. Revelation 13:8

     E.  He is a person of high intelligence and persuasiveness. Daniel 7:8; 7:20; 8:23

     F.  He will change laws and customs. Daniel 7:25

     G.  He will establish a new calendar. Daniel 7:25

     H.  He is a covenant breaker. Daniel 9:27


     A.  He comes from the 10 federated states of Europe. - Daniel 7:8;

          Revelation 13:1

     B.  He will be a Jew from a Gentile country - Daniel 11:37; Revelation 13:1

     C.  He will oppress the people with heavy taxation. - Daniel 11:20

     D.  He will take political control of the nations to form a one-world government.

          1.  First by peaceable means - Daniel 9:27; Revelation 6:1, 2; 17:13

          2.  Finally by force - Daniel 7:8, 20; 11:38

          3.  The call for a world dictator - “The truth is that the method of international

               committees has failed. What we need is a person, someone of the highest order or

               great experience, of great authority, of wide influence, of great energy. Let him come,

               and let him come quickly. Either a civilian or a military man, no matter what his

               nationality, who will cut all the red tape, shove out of the way all of the committees,

               wake up all the people and galvanize all governments into action. Let him come

               quickly. This man we need, for whom we wait, will take charge of the defense of the

               west. Once more I say, it is not too late, but it is high time.“We do not want

               another committee, we have too many of them already. What we want is

               a man of sufficient stature to hold the ALLEGRAME of all the people of the

               world to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking.

               Send us such a man, and be he God or devil, we will receive him.

               (Henry Spaak; former Premier of Belgium; early planner of The European

               Common Market; Secretary of NATO)


     A.  He will lose his empire. - Daniel 7:26

     B.  He will be captured during the last great battle of the campaign of Armageddon.

          Revelation 19:17-20

     C.  He will be cast into the Lake of Fire. - Daniel 7:11; Revelation 20:10


     1.  The church is not looking for the appearing of this man.

     2.  The church is looking for the appearing of the Son of God.

Looking for that blessed hope

 and the glorious appearing

of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Titus 2:13